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Diane Woodall,

professional organizer



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Before becoming a professional organizer, I received my B.A. in Television Production from Pepperdine University. I went on to work for 15 years as a production coordinator and production manager on feature films, TV movies, commercials and corporate videos. My many years in production gave me experience with managing people, equipment, locations, budgets and schedules. I have had a passion for organizing my entire life, so the transition into home and office organizing in 2008 came very naturally. 


Whether I'm organizing on site or virtually, it brings me great joy to help my clients gain control of their space and remove the stress that too much clutter can create. I provide non judgmental compassion, coaching, guidance, motivation and accountability so that my clients get the most out of our time together and their money.


Diane Woodall Organizing is based in Marin County, California where I live with my family. I happily work with my clients on site in Marin and surrounding counties.  I also work with clients near and far virtually.

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