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"I had been feeling a big burden about all of the papers and clutter on my kitchen counter...that had no place to go except for multiple organized piles. Once again, I feel more calm and peace now that you have helped me further get organized. I can't say enough wonderful things about you and hope that others get to experience your blessing as I have."
Mom of twins, Novato

"After our last session I really felt empowered, motivated and relieved. The entry closet looked so great and was so easy to upkeep. I sincerely could not have started this without your help." 

Closet Cleanout, Novato

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"I was so exhilirated after yesterday's work with you! Thank you for a great day....My husband was able to find what he wanted to find each and every time. Phew." 

Garage, San Rafael

"Thanks Diane, your services have saved me. I am not sure what I would have done.  You have been worth every penny."

Elderly Client/International Move, San Rafael

"Just wanted to say that our efforts this week were well worth it. Anxiety level is much reduced thanks to you."

Time management client, San Rafael

"I cannot tell you how happy I am with the sewing room!! It truly makes me want to get out there and do my projects. So much progress. Thanks for all of your invaluable help."

Sewing Casita, Novato


“Diane brings a rare combination of heart and pragmatism to weed through the mess and confusion. One hour with Diane accomplished as much as four hours would have without her!

Elise Rankin, Consultant, Coach, Mom


"I was scared when Diane was coming, thinking 'what will she think of my space, my paper, my clutter?' - but she was so non-judgmental and just got down to business with helping me figure out the WHY and HOW of what needed to get done in my space to make it work better for me. Not to mention, some good humor thrown in! I have continued, three years on, to use many of her tips and systems and am all the happier for it!"   

Kelly Baker, Photographer, Stylist

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