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Families with young children and teens.


Seniors needing to downsize.


Individuals and families crammed into tiny apartments.


Those in various stages of a move in Marin County.


Paper and productivity management.

Virtual Organizing

Staying organized is an ongoing process for us all and it requires adjustments as our needs and lifestyles change.

Organizing services,

Marin County

I can help in your home


Discuss the vision for your space and decide together what needs to change.

Sort through your space and determine what to keep and what to move to a new home.

Organize those items that you are keeping and set up systems so that you will be able to maintain their organization and find what you need.

Transport those items that are ready for a new home to the charity of your choice.

Being organized means having the right tool at the right time in the right place. 

I can help in your office


Sort through what paper to keep and how to keep it so that you can find it if and when you need it.

Create a landing zone and an action/hot file system. Set up reference files and archival files for long term paper management.

Assist with time and task management, schedules and calendars. Maximize your productivity.

Help set up your financial organizing tools and an electronic organizing system.

If you can’t find something within 30 seconds, it’s probably in the wrong place.

I can help virtually


Project-based organizing in your home or office - one area at a time using a video chat platform.

Services include: Clutter, Space, Time & Productivity Management, Memorabilia, Paper & Electronic Organizing

Benefits include: Affordability, Availability, Empowerment, 

Frequency & Improved Focus


Virtual Organizing is a great way to get professional advice, direction and caring support but get the work done at a time that works for your schedule and at a fraction of the cost (since there is not a 3 hour minimum)


To accomplish a big task you must break it into smaller bites.

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